CALC - Totals do not match

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In the attached model, I don’t understand why the TOTALS do not MATCH (page two/PSE&G). This is highlighted by large black rectangle. I made another copy of the calculation to the right but it does the same thing.

Below this, I entered the numbers manually and they matched (YELLOW).

The data in G35 and G36 as well as the data in J39 and J40 are taken from (copied) a master data base. I do not have any control of the data being copied and entered into these cells.

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Rich Ramik


Is it a rounding issue on the calculated fields?

It does seem to be a rounding issue.
I changed the format of the two fields to Number and J37 = -20851.2700000002 whilst J42 remains constant at -20851.27 which is why they don’t match.

J37 is -20851.2700000002

Choose menu Tools - Options… - LibreOffice Calc - Calculate, and under General Calculations mark Precision as shown.

Thanks for sharing the file to test.

That was it. I knew it had to be something simple. Also, knowing the source, it makes perfect sense. I have seen numbers ending up with five decimal places. However, my understanding how the calculations are done inside the data base from where I get the numbers, I should have know better.

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Rich Ramik

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Precision as shown is a big club hitting all though… the proper solution would be to round the interim results where they occur, so in J37


or in I44