Calc: vlookup produces Er:502 error after column 10

I am trying to post a value from a different sheet using Vlookup and a dropdown list.


The dropdown cell is A15. The sheet pulling the data from is cstmr. The column is 11.

The formula works up to and including column 10. From 10 on it produces ERR:502. I’ve checked cell format till blue in the face.

As a test I also eliminated columns before column 10 to confirm if the column which was 11 would work if it became 10. The result, it did not work. It tells me it is something column related.

Why would it work up to a certain column and not in any column after?

Any thoughts?

Quoting @Goc2: “Any thoughts?”
Yes: You won’t get an answer this way.
A helper to-be cannot even check if your cstmr actually is a named range and actually is containing at least 11 columns.
Please read Guidelines for asking and edit your question then in a way (adding the needed information!) allowing for a reasonable answer.
How should I check for “something column related” without knowing anything about the columns?


Your comment lead me to confirming the “named range”. It appears the named range “cstmr” did not include the columns after column 10 and that’s why it was returning an error.

I read the link you provided above to improve upon my future approach when posting.

Thank you Lupp.