CALC: Why has Auto-recalculation quit working? V

I have been working with a particular spreadsheet for several years now. I use it to track profits of various inventory items. I have several formulas that simply add values from two cells to get a total. These two cells are also simple formulas that add two different cells.

It has worked just fine until I upgraded to v 5. Now, the formulas quit working.

I have Tools/Cells/Auto-calculate ON.
I have Tools/Options/Calc/Formula/Recalculate-on-open ON
I have saved as XLS, then re-opened.

The XLS format recalculates just fine. The ODS does not.

Why would this get broken? Formulas should always work. If not, there certainly should be a bold warning saying they might not so I wouldn’t operate my business on faulty data.

John L

Similar problem with - all OK when I save as xlsx then reload.

as i’m investigating similar problems i’d like you to check older versions and narrow down in which one the problem ‘started’, i suspect somewhere between 4.1 and 4.2.0. i suspect a critical design fault in triggering the autocalculation,