Can calc update time changes automatically when a time is changed. (A knock on effect). I am using excel for a hourly time management process system

I would like for a time management system spreadsheet to be able to update time when one change is made. ie: if I change 1 o clock to 2 o clock I would like for the 1 hour change to automatically update the rest of the file

The title is too long, and there are not enough details given in the body of the question. See guidelines for asking.

Let all to be affected calculations depend (directly or indirectly) on the cell in which the time is changed, i.e. add that cell’s time or have the cell otherwise appear in the cells’ formula expressions. Other than that, your question is unspecific and unclear.

Update from first comment:

  • effective start time A1: =A2+A3
  • regular start time A2: 10:00
  • delay A3: 00:30
  • interval A4: 01:00
  • time slot B1: =A1
  • time slot B2: =B1+A$4
  • time slot B3: =B2+A$4

You can copy&paste or pull the formula down as desired.

I work with a 24 hour spreadsheet that is divided up into hourly slots. If the process is delayed by half an hour at 10 o clock, I would like to update my schedule to 10:30 and then have the times below it to change accordantly automatically.