Can I access a list of recent documents longer than 10 entries?

Just a simple yes or no question, really, but it’s something that piqued my interest. Bonus points if there’s a counterpart to web browsers’ History page for LO, which you can edit and clear out and have all that other functionality. Otherwise, perhaps a log exists which LO makes to keep track of documents history.

You can edit your configuration settings and add the PickListSize entry in main.xcd (or in your local configuration, then you’d have to add it to registrymodifications.xcu in the user profile):

<prop oor:name="PickListSize" oor:type="xs:int">

There is a small extension that did this for - it should also work for LibreOffice, but I have not checked it. or its successor

Excellent tip! I just tested HistoryMaster on versions 3.4.5, 3.5.0 and 3.5.1rc2 and it works perfectly.

Darn, I tried installing HistoryMaster on my LO 3.5, but it just spouts an error; something about “No Such Element Exception”.

Actually maybe in recent versions you probably have to put it in an item object:

Whichever way you use to increase the “PickListSize”, be forewarned that doing so significantly increases the size of registrymodifications.xcu. This may change if and when the LO developers separate the thumbnail data of files in the pick list from that XCU file. See

Fix for Libre Office Version 5 and up. Open Writer and in the menu Go to Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced. Click Expert Configuration and type PickListSize in the search bar > Enter, click History and At the bottom of the page click Edit. Enter the value # you require then click OK and OK again. Close the open windows. LibreOffice 5+ will now remember that # of files in Recent Documents.

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Love This Tip - Thanks Much !!! Al Adams.

HistoryMaster works for me on LO 3.6.6. To be clearer, the place to change the PickListSize, i.e., the size of the recent documents list, is at Tools > Add-ons

History Master also worked fine for me Ubuntu 12.04 LibreOffice . The instructions tell you to load the extension and then close all LibreOffice files and restart. You will NOT see an increase in the number available until you open another documents and then you will start seeing the number increase up to the maximum you specify.

Since LibO V4.2 there is a tool ‘Expert Configuration’ (later: ‘Open Expert Configuration’) under > ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Advanced’.
Since V5.0 therein was added a ‘Search’ tool to find all the settings containing a specific string.
Searching for PickListSize there will find an entry that can be edited to set the size to any value wanted.

(AOO still does not offer such a tool. However the way through the main.xcd is open.)

Thank very much you for your support.


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