Can I group a bullet list and its title so that they're kept together on page breaks?

Basically, I want to prevent this from happening:

[…bla bla bla…stuff…]

  • Thing 1;

[Oops. page happens to end here. I wish the header and list item would automatically “jump” to the next page.]

  • Thing 2;
  • etc;

Unfortunately, since in a list each line is a different paragraph, the setting “keep with next paragraph” seems to be useless here. Is there a way to make the list header and its items not split?

OP: @JoaoCampos

What I usually do is create a table with a single cell and put everything that I want to be kept together inside it. Maybe there is a more elegant way to do this :slight_smile:

My attempt would be
Go to Paragraph Styles select the paragraph style you are using or Default > modify > text flow > option and set there what you need.

Tried it, nothing works.