Can I make custom categories for my captions?

The caption function in Writer is amazingly useful, and combined with indices such as Index of Tables and Table of Illustrations increased my productivity infinity-fold (previously had to do all that manually; not an activity to do if you like to sleep during thesis terms).

However, I was wondering if there was any way to make your own, the same way you can make custom Styles. I want to have a category for Figures instead of Illustrations, and I have to trade off productivity and proper formatting (in some courses in college, the label of such things like “Figure” is strictly applied).

Hi @TJMeneses,

Looks like you might want to file an enhancement bug for this question as well.

Thanks for your help!

This would be an excellent enhancement request!

@ROSt53, Please feel free to jump-in on any of these feature requests if the Question hasn’t had any activity in a few weeks. I think duplicate bug reports will be very rare, and I’ll apologize to the QA guys if it becomes a big problem :slight_smile:

Ah, such a scary proposition… gulp But I’ll take try to do just that. Thanks for the suggestion, @qubit1. EDIT: I just filed a new bug report, and changed the status to ENHANCEMENT from normal. I hope I didn’t make any major screwups in the process.

@qubit1 Thanks for encouraging me to jump on this topic. However, I think that TJMeneses had a great idea and thus should have the honor to place the enhancement request. Once his request would be implemented he proudly can say that it is his baby. I only wanted to encourage him with my comment.

@TJMeneses Thanks for filing the enhancement request. Karma on you.

@TJMeneses, @ROSt53 – You guys crack me up… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bug 61493 - FORMATTING: Custom Categories for Captions


@manj_k - thanks for adding the link here. This also closes the original question.

This is not the right answer, the other one is it.

Custom categories are already available as pointed out in comment 3:

Florent Angly 2013-07-07 05:13:21 UTC
I think this feature has been present
in LibreOffice for a long time.

In the caption menu > Category: simply
write the name of the new category you
would like to use.