Can I reduce line spacing below the line

Using the Writer program, I am trying to create a logo or letterhead in a big font with all caps, and closely below that line I want a slogan in a small font. I know how to reduce the line spacing above each line with Format → Paragraph → etc., but that still leaves a wide space under the line with the big font. I want to have my second line where the underline of the first line would be. Is there a way to do this?

As an example, I might have the first line contain the word “PICKLES”, in all caps, bold, and italicized, and in size 60 (pitch?) letters. Under that, I want a line that says “Superheros of the Cucumber Family” in size 9 (pitch?) letters. The large font leaves so much room below the characters for underlines and descending lower case letters that the second line does not appear to be part of the logo. That is where the second line needs to go.

Thanks very much!



One solution could be:

  • Have “PICKLES” & “Superheros of the Cucumber Family” in the same paragraph with a new ligne created by Shift+Enter
  • Define FormatParagraphIndents & Spacing tab▸SpacingAbove: 0.50 and Line Spacing: 50%

See logo.odt


Thanks! That is not hard at all!

I am not sure why it works that way. In the LibreOffice Help it says that Shift + Enter means “Insert Manual Row Break”. I guess that must start a new line in the same paragraph.

I had thought that this forum would let me know when an answer was posted, but that did not work so I did not see your answer until today. In the meantime I found out that this can also be accomplished with Insert > Frame. I was also able to make that work but with much more difficulty.

Many thanks!