Can I set "search in" option to "values" permanently in Calc's search toolbar?

When using Search toolbar in LibreOffice Calc (not LO Search Dialog), default option to search in is “formula”. However, I would prefer to use search “in values”… when open dialog and change it, it works but not for long. My tables contain both formulas, values and values that comes from formula (VLOOKUP).

How can I achieve that default option for “search in” is always “in values”?

ADDITIONAL INFO - the way I use search function:
I press CTRL + F, type the phrase I want to find (usually number),press enter and then exit Search toolbar by clicking Escape.

What is your question? If you want to share tips and tricks, could you answer existing questions or create a question and answer combination?

I wanted to see can I change this behaviour? I don’t want to change “search in” in “search dialog” every time I press CTRL + F. I want to select “search in values” and to keep this option selected while LO Calc is open. So my question was: how to achieve this?

Can you edit your question and then reopen it (or the other way around)? Make sure you change the question from “LibreOffice Calc Search” to your specific question. Hope you didn’t feel offended, as I didn’t mean to. It just didn’t look like you were asking for anything. Thanks!

Why is this question supposed to be “not relevant or outdated”? It’s exactly what I was wondering for a long time.

agree with Timan!
The default search behauviour is absolutly annoying. Open the search bar with CTRL-F, type the text to search and LO Calc will not find those cells that have formulas in it resulting to the exact search string (not tested for numbers).
see also: How to search for formula results?
or here: Libreoffice calc: make search default to 'value' not 'formula' - Ask Ubuntu
search should work that way, but it does