Can I use Libre Office without java?

The FAQ page describes the features which require java and your efforts to remove the need for it eventually. If I don’t use those features, can I remove java runtime from my Mac and still run Libre Office? Warnings pop up without it, but can it still run without document errors if I ignore them? This is the only program I have that requires java, keeping my Mac at risk for java exploits.
Thanks for making a great product and continuing to improve it!

To get rid of warnings go to (in any program - Writer, Calc, … - only one program, settings apply to all suite) Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Java and uncheck “Use Java virtual machine”
All works fine without Java

There are a few pieces of LibreOffice that still depend upon java – some of the Wizards, the HSQLDB backend for LO Base, etc… But in general, as @Timon1 says, LO is perfectly usable without java.

Tools → Options is no longer a menu option. Can you please update this answer?