Java runtime dependency

As far back as 2012 and 2013 there was talk of removing the requirement for Java from LibreOffice Base. See:

Oracle’s Java has widely been recognized as essentially malware and a significant security risk. Oracle pushes out frequent security updates, as many as one every few weeks, and each tries to install extra unwanted software. Java, like Adobe’s Flash, has been largely abandoned for being more trouble than it’s worth. So why, after 4+ years of complaints and requests, does LibreOffice Base still require it? Is there a time frame to finally be rid of requiring this obnoxious nefarious malware as a dependency?

One of the main appeals of open source software is not being at the mercy of commercial companies. Yet Oracle is the very definition of corporate greed and LibreOffice seems unconcerned about requiring Oracle’s malware as a prerequisite for using LibreOffice Base. This is very disappointing as many recommend against installing the JRE which essentially means not using LibreOffice Base either.

If you are looking for a time frame in an open source project, maybe this is the best place to go Development - The Document Foundation Wiki ?

Don’t know why they still require it… Maybe because it allows for cross-platform interfacing to stuff in Base and in LibreOffice in general?

As for Oracle’s pushing updates with unwanted software, I’d guess you’re on Windows or MacOS. Linux uses an open source JRE as part of the OpenJDK package, so no unwanted software with updates. It’s still backed by Oracle, I believe, but it’s open source and anyone can spin off a derivative if they want.

If you’re on Win or Mac and interested in getting away from Oracle’s update annoyances, you might look into Azul Systems Zulu OpenJDK ( It’s available for 64-bit Windows and MacOS, and, as far as I can tell it from studying their site, it includes the JRE as well. I’d try it out myself, but my Win7 box ( really my wife’s… she insists on Windows… :stuck_out_tongue: ) is only 32-bit.

Disclosures: I don’t work for or have any connection to the interests of Azul Systems or Oracle. In fact, I just found out about Azul Systems and their OpenJDK yesterday.