Can not find insert->Media->Photo Album

I am trying to do this but I do not see the option in my version of libreoffice, What can I do please? Do I need to add the button somehow, or is the functionality under a different category now? Thanks

Which operating system do you use?

Please give us more details about what you try to do. You tagged your question writer while the help page is for Impress. Edit your question to improve the description.


@zamaan You wrongly used category Writer in your post and then you linked to Impress. (Good point for @ajlittoz.)
Indeed you won’t find the PhotoAlbum function/add-on in Writer, it is part of Impress and not of Writer. Please revise category or add some more information to your question. - Cheers

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Hi. The insert->Media->Photo Album refers to the menu. If you have the Tabbed user interface then Insert > Photo Album will suffice.

The Help usually uses the menu, so if you have the Tabbed user interface it might be worth displaying the menu. You can easily do that by clicking the Menubar icon which is the leftmost icon in the row, next to the File Open icon.

Fedora 34. The other comments are right; I was confusing the writer with impress. this link along with the responses here helped me load all the images I wanted and solve my issue. Thank you all.

Note that that topic missed the new developments that allows now to define default anchoring for inserted images (in 7.1 and 7.2).