Can not open a password protected xlsx file

I have an xlsx file that has been created with Microsoft Office Word and password protected. After that, I started open and edit it with LO 6.0.1. When I opened it in LO it asked me for the password only for the first time. After that, it never asked me again when I open the file.

Today I have used the operation “Save As” and indicated to protect the file with a password. However, after that whenever I try to open the file and give the password the LO Calc always says that the password is wrong and I can not open it. But the password is correct.

I have already updated my LibreOffice to version but the problem remains.

Any help with this problem? Since unfortunately, I do not have any copy of that file :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help.

C. Martins

some basic troubleshooting options are:

  • try blank password
  • try entering exact filename (including correct capitalisation/casing) as password
  • check to see if your system language,region,keyboard codepage has changed.
  • run LibreOffice under a different machine, eg try using Virtualbox.
  • try a different software to open. even a cloud based software may work

Please check if related: Password incorrect with .xlsx file (for long password longer than 15 characters).

Dear Mike Kaganski,

Thanks a lot for your precious help. In fact, your solution was the right one since my password has 23 characters. I simply inputted the first 15 has suggested and magically it opened immediately. I have already tried it in LO 6.4 with a password bigger than 15 characters and the problem have already been corrected has said.

Thanks a lot. You can imagine but you saved my day.
Thanks for all the other people that gave me other tips too.

C. Martins

The only possible solution I can see is if the Caps Lock was set when you entered your password. If you have a small keyboard without separate numeric keypad (typically a laptop computer), Num Lock may also have come into play.

Try the password with different initial settings for Caps Lock and Num Lock. (There are 4 different combinations.)