Can presenter console use part of the screen?

In Inpress, when presenter console is enable, it is always full scree. Can we adjust the size as there is still other operation windows we need to monitor.

I agree that full-screen presenter console is highly annoying. Unfortunately, I don’t think it can be changed from full screen, at least in 6.3.

You CAN disable the presenter console entirely, as described here:

If you do that and start a presentation, the slide shows up on the second monitor, but the main monitor still shows the Impress edit screen, so you have access to the taskbar, etc.

The downside is that what you see on the edit screen won’t necessarily match what is shown on the second monitor. Keyhits (space, cursor…) change the presented slide. Clicking a slide on the edit view shows it in the edit view, but NOT on the second monitor.

Note great, but perhaps better than using Alt-Tab on the main screen to access other programs :slight_smile: