Can someone provide a transparent Hourglass icon?

I’m not the first to dislike the hourglass that signals pending change during a presentation. Perhaps I can ask about this in a more useful manner.

Often when running a slideshow, images do not fill the screen completely. Many presenters prefer to operate with a black background. The result is that the hourglass icon appears briefly before every change.

Remaining Reptilian Brain Bits (RRBB) instantly interrupt human attention and divert focus to the icon. Which goes away. For awhile.

It seems to me the Very Best Solution (VBS) would be a toggle added to options that would select between two icons: the current one, and a transparent version. I don’t know a thing about your code, but would guess this would actually be quite simple.

Thank you,

@rsw1941: While you have a point, your request for enhancement should be posted to bug tracker, and is off-topic here, where it will never get any attention of a developer.

You might want to post links to this your question there, as well as to flikering hourglass during presentation, How can I turn off in the Libreoffice presentations the sand hourglass Icon?, and maybe others.

Also, please don’t post as wiki.

Mike, do you have time to elaborate a bit on when to post to wiki, and when not? Thanks

My related question on this shows that I suppose there’s almost no reason to use that wiki. Well - possibly except when someone decides to publish a kind of tutorial here instead of question…

Now posted to bug tracker.