Can you add a 'document toolbar' (file open list) in Writer, like in MS Office Word and Atlantis Word?

I miss at least an extension of the number box in navigator (F5). Better will be a full sticky (last) session list. aka document toolbar. It looks mighty old that such a feature is missing in Writer.

As pointed out, this is not the proper place to make feature requests. But for the sake of discussion and getting more users interested in what you are asking for, I ask the following.

Could you provide some links to documentation about this feature, as it exists in other software. Also if you can find any images of the user interface that demonstrates the appearance of the feature then include that as well. You may also write a concise description of the feature, it’s intended purpose, how it functions and a motivation to why this feature is so good to have.

This is a forum for discussing issues related to the use of the software. For requesting that new or missing features be added to the software, I direct you to the developers issue tracker.

To elaborate, I refer you to the following post, here.

When filing a request for a feature. Be sure to be specific and detailed in your description and to provide references to any existing examples that you can think of. This helps the developers to better understand the feature that you are requesting and envision how it should function.

Thank you. I will look into that.

Since proposing a solution is encouraged, I will answer too.

  1. A ‘document toolbar’ (file open list) in Writer, is possible as is demonstrated in MS Office Word, and in Atlantis Word Processor (Atlantis has only a 3mb setup file(!), admittedly 32bit only).
  2. The obvious way to go is probably extending the numbers in the number box in Navigator, keep these numbers and add the file names. Presto a clickable list will have been created.
  3. More attractive in my opinion would be to open files as tabs in Writer. Well known from plain text editors, it would open the door to more innovative Project Management. The example for that -to be looked at- is EditPlus from ES-Computing (its Project Management is the shit when writing chapters or books).
    Never mind that there is already a tabbed toolbar in LibreOffice Writer. That should not be a problem, one bunch of Tabs on Top, the other at the Bottom. Otherwise -more innovation- make a ribbon out of the current tabbed toolbar.
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Since proposing a solution is encouraged

… so was this a solution? wow. Even if it was (and I somehow felt it to be just a clarification of the question, and as such, something that should have been edited into the question itself), e.g. personally I still don’t understand what is meant: words like “as is demonstrated in MS Office Word, and in Atlantis Word Processor” don’t mean much to those who don’t have “Word”, or “Atlantis Word”, or even to those who have, but haven’t used that functionality. A screenshot? A reference to a web page with description? (given that @lazarus477 already mentioned the importance of these…) no - that would be too easy…

I don’t understand too. If you’re looking for a “file open list”, such a list exists in menu Window. If it is something else, please provide a description or a screen shot as already requested.

Is File > Recent Documents what you are looking for? That is the closest thing to what you describe that I can think of.
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Thanks for your reply. No, a proper document bar is not a recent file list, although LibreOffice 6 settles for that. Talking about Writer, if the numbers in the number box in Navigator would have titles, then we would be there. You could click between open documents, like clicking between titles of posts on this forum.
It’s just one example. The same is possible when files open as another bunch of tabs. More is possible when groups of tabs open as one of more projects.(implemented in EditPlus, a plain text editor).

Are you trying to describe what might be called a tabular document organization, where each currently open document is presented on a tab?

Also known as a [TDI](http://tabbed document interface).