Where to place an enhancement request?

At the page

I feel invited to file an enhancement request.

“File an enhancement request
Missing a feature or thinking of a new feature that would make LibreOffice even better than it is today? Let us know!”

However, following the link, I am ending up with filing a bug report.
Is this the same?
I just want to be sure to put my request at the right place such that it is read and maybe commented by the developers and not ignored or deleted.

Yes, both bug reports and feature requests are handled by the same site (Bugzilla). Just don’t be intimidated by the word bug.

You can select the severity level of the bug, and oddly, in that list is an option Enhancement.

Allow me one comment about the voting/rating system here. The check symbol says: “mark this answer as correct (click again to undo)”. I wouldn’t say an answer is correct or wrong. An answer is helpful or not helpful. Or an answer solved the problem or not. Your answers @gabix and @floris_v are definitely helpful.

Don’t get me started about how this site is organized. ;=)