Cannot Delete Blank Pages

I have a writer document with 5 pages. Each page had frames with tables inside them (see attached example). I’ve deleted all the frames from pages 1-4 and left the frames and tables on page 5.

I cannot delete the blank pages 1-4. I cannot even place the cursor into page 2-5. I’ve tried adding a letter to page 1 and hitting DELETE after the letter to make page 2 delete, but that doesn’t work.

Could you please tell me how to delete pages 1-4?

LibreOffice - Writer - Cannot Delete Blank Pages.odt (12.2 KB)

For me, it is better to add tables within table cells.

That is why we removed “to page” anchoring from the context menu in tdf#135836. One should only use “to page” advanced anchoring when one really understands the implications.


I need the frames/tables positioned precisely on the page. Tables do not seem to be able to do that. That is why I use frames for the positioning (and tables inside the frames for the layout).

Thanks for your reply and explanation.

I think, LibreOffice should just define “Attach to Page” to mean: Attach to THIS page, as any user will reasonably be expecting this behavior.

This seems to be a bug and not something users should have to understand counterintuitive “implications” about.

Is there a bug report on this already?

There’s no “attach” here in the terminology. So let’s use correct “anchor” and “position”, the two terms that mean something specific in LibreOffice, to understand what you are talking about, OK?

Anchor to page means exactly that: connect to this page. E.g., the fifth piece of paper in the document. No matter which content is on it: you had anchored something to the fifth piece of paper. So be it: if there’s no content for so many pages, the program still obeys you and adds as many blank pages as needed.

There is no bug. There is a great and advanced feature working as designed and as wanted by those for who that feature is created.

Maybe you can. Unmarck [ ] Fit to size when you set the row height.
LibreOffice - Writer - tables within tables.odt (10.3 KB)

But I must concede that it is not easy to paste a table within a table


  • Create the inner table
  • Add a paragraph before the inner table (press Alt+Enter while the cursor is at the upper left most part of the inner table)
  • Select the cell
  • Copy
  • Paste the inner table in other cells
  • Delete the first empty paragraph

Tested with LibreOffice and on Windows 6.1.

The frames are all anchored to page 5. In the Navigator dock of the sidebar, double click on each frame in turn. Right click on the selected frame in the edit pane and choose “Properties…” from the context menu. In the “Type” tab of the dialog, change the anchor from “To page” to “To paragraph.” After doing this to all the frames, they should all be on page 1 and the other pages should have disappeared. You can, then, arrange the frames as you like.


77053 HB WriterCannotDeleteBlankPages.odt (14,4 KB)

Pay attention to the anchoring and circulation of the frames.
Normally, the anchoring should not be on the side, this will lead to your result.

Anchorage of objects