Cannot install 3.6 on XPpro

Trying to update to LobreOffice 3.6.5 on my XPpro. After install completes and I try to open it, I get a Fatal Error message that says something about Service Manager is not available - Invalid Registry Exception… and tells me to run the setup again to Repair the installation.

I ran the repair, and got the same error. I then removed 3.6.5 and downloaded the .msi package again and installed it again - same error. Then ran the Repair again - same error. Then I came to this site and found a similar issue with an attempt to install a 3.5 version. The suggestion there was to do the same as I did (try a new download, but also suggested to test the .msi with something like 7-Zip to insure it isn’t corrupted and that signatures are good. I did that too, and everything tested OK.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @alnuwer,

Sounds like you’ve done your homework here!

This question could be related, but the error sounds pretty Intel-specific:

This question looks promising: it mentions a “Service Manager”, and seems to indicate that the problem was “incorrect “Language for non-Unicode programs” (system locale) settings”:

Maybe you could check your system locale settings?

If you’re still having issues after reading through those questions, what would you think about trying a 4.0 build? Given that we don’t know the root cause of your problem, the 4.0 build might give the same error, but at least then we’d have a little more data for triaging purposes :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Well, rather than mess with it, I decided to try 4.0, and hope it’s stable. It installed flawlessly, and so far is performing without issue! Thanks for your reply!