Cannot open LibreOffice portable in MediaPad 7

I download the LibreOffice portable but when I attempt to install I get the message,“Cannot open file”.

Threads relating to LO on Android can be found here and here.

LibreOffice portable will only run on a Windows based system with an x86 (or x64) architecture processor. According to the Huawei site ( the Mediapad 7 is a Cortex A-8 tablet (i.e. ARM architecture processor) running the Android OS.

Therefore it is not possible to run LibreOffice portable on your tablet.

EDIT: Here is a possible solution

Uh! I didn’t know about the processor of that device till now.

Just another remark concerning devices running under some linux on a supported processor: My experiments showed running the PortableApps Platform and most of the portable versions of software I tested (including LibreOffice 3 at that time) very well under Wine.

Most likely this should indicate that you have downloaded an installer not recognised by the OS of your device.

As far as I know there is not yet a stable LibreOffice for Android which should be the OS of the MediaPad. (More details from this source!). You alo may stimulate Huawei to make an unselfish donation.

Thanks for the replies… i am new to this stuff and appreciate all the help I can get. So, thanks again.