cannot use dde link in formula

i have a spreadsheet that aims to compare stock market prices for Brazilian REITs against a few values from a data sheet publicly available on the broker site.

The spreadsheet brings values correctly using DDE link, but theses values cannot be used for calculations, something along the lines of ERROR: TYPE OF DATA WRONG, do you guys have some solution for this? is this a common error?

Also i’d like to post some images or upload the spreadsheet for you guys to have a look. What is the best way to do it?Guia-de-FIIs-XP.ods

What is the best way to do it?

Edit your question using the edit link just below your question and use

  • the paper clip symbol to upload your sheet
  • the image symbol (just left to the paper clip symbol) to add images

Ref.: Ask/Getting Started - The Document Foundation Wiki

Thanks, inserted it now, feel free to test the link!

DDE function is returning values as text?, convert them with VALUE(DDE()) if none of the type options works.

the value do come as numbers in the spreadsheet, as shown in the image in the G2 cell, is that what you mean?

For the image (left align) and the file it’s a number as text, use the function ISTEXT(G2) in another cell.

i just translated the command, because my version is in portuguese, and it worked out perfectly, thanks!