cannot use external data in formulas

Hi, i am trying to use external data in a simple formula but i get an error #VALUE!

'$10.30 is an example of the data i’m trying to use

if i copy the '$10.30 and paste as special unformatted text, i can use the data in a formula ok, but i need to reference the original data as its updated live.

i think the ’ before the 10.30 is causing the problem. which is only displayed in the top formula bar

Your question is not clear at all. Please edit it to improve the description. Read these guidelines.

Also, it looks like your question is not common to all components but relative to Calc (spreadsheet application). So, retag to replace common with calc.

think i sorted it myself with the =right command

Why did you ignore the comment by @ajlittoz?
Do you think anybody might find out what you finally (sorted…myself", and in what way? What’s the =right command? Never heard of it.

@Lupp: the answer was provided before my comment, so @djogy didn’t ignore it. However, I am very curious about the problem: what is external data? which is the formula (probably includes a function expecting numeric instead of text argument)? why does OP need a text data, can’t he bring the $ prefix with cell formatting if computations are later done?

You ask the relevant questions.
(I didn’t check for the posting times, obviously. Sorry!)