Can't add eps or ps image into LibreOffice writer

I have a .agr (from xmgrace) file and i have converted it into eps/ps format since these image formats don’t lose clarity when zoomed.

Now i want to insert these images in the writer. But when i go to insert option in LibreOffice writer (Version: and give the insert->image->abc.eps it gives unknown image format.

I tried even cntrl+c and cntr+v to copy paste the eps/ps image but in vain. If i copy paste .png image it works well, but not with eps/ps image formats.

How can i resolve this issue…??

Herein i am attaching the image saved as .svg (since Libre doesn’t allow directly to attach .svg format i have saved in png format by taking the screenshot image ) wherein in the .svg format the font has changed which was Times new roman font originally. svg.png

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Strange. Bug: .eps image rendered and printed as .png suggests that it’s possible to insert .eps to documents.

LibO do not offer support for eps images. Try converting your image to SVG instead: it’s also a vector format and it’s well supported by LibO.

I can convert the image into SVG format, but the font letter (say x, y-axes labeling changes to another text font). How do i resolve this issue?. How do i restrain to original letter font (say i labeled the x, y-axes in times new roman and i want the same font name to be when saved in SVG).

Coud you attach a sample EPS file?

@RGB-es i have attached a sample .svg file in which the font has changed.

The file is a PNG, it seems. Because you said that converting the EPS to SVG lead to font problems, I would like to have the original EPS file to try converting it myself. BTW, how did you converted the EPS file? The few times I needed to convert an EPS to SVG, I used two command line tools, epstopdf and pdf2svg, without problems.