Can't change small details in the writer

Maybe this is super obvious, but I can’t find how to do it. Sometimes the writer won’t let me change small detail. For example, today I made the document name in small letters on a recipé but I wanted to change the first leetter of every word to a big letter. When I tried to do that by marking the letter and changing it manually the program just changed it back - like I didn’t do anything.

Sometimes when I copy recipies and am changing the font to something I like, I sometimes have to change line because even if I erase a sentence and press off fat/cursive everything written on that row will turn out fat-cursive. It’s like the program locks on to the original font for each row and makes it a pain to change it.

How do I turn this off?

Sorry if I’m not describing the problem well, English isn’t my native language.

Please upload a sample file. - If you can’t do on this website so do that on another one and provide the link to us.

Questions for better understanding (please add in your query):

  • Your OS
  • Your LO version
  • Do you work on a native odt file or do you work on a doc/docx file?

Please read these guidelines for asking.

Are you an LO-beginner (formatting everything manually with buttons and menu items) or are you trying to use the style system? Do you save your file as .doc(x) (in Word compatibility mode) or as .odt (native format)? What your system and level? Which LO version?

I have windows 10 and LibreOffice 5.4. I’ve had LibreOffice for a couple of months but never really used it much until recently so regard me as a complete beginner (probably worse than a beginner). The files are usually saved as .odt.

Hi Karavis1, do you know about ‘pasting without format’, maybe this is just what you are looking for. (see video)

Thanks, Henk! That does solve one problem.

Now the only one remaining is why it won’t let me change between large/small letters on the file name. To clarify: if I write a file name, save it and then attempt to change it (small letter to large) it changes back to what was first saved - I can’t change just one letter. Not even if I erase the base word. Is this a feature (can it be turned off) or do I just have to learn to live with it?