Can't download spellcheckers. Libreoffice (x64), Windows 10

Maybe posting this here will gather some attention. In short says page not found. This isn’t a question, this is something, that needs to be fixed.
more info:

Just curious why would anyone even try to download spellchecker extensions from extensions site, when MSI for Windows already contains them for all languages, and one only needs to use add/remove programs system applet to modify the installed set?

Anyway, this is not for this site. You need to file a bug report, telling that a link in the program’s dialog needs an update.

MSI for Windows already contains them for all languages

For starters, this is not really true. The installer provides dictionaries for all languages that LibreOffice is localized to. As far as I can understand, the installer does not provide, say, a Latin dictionary. Also, you may need only a couple of spellcheckers, but not any GUI strings, but the installer won’t let it. Reason 1 to download an extension.

Besides, the installer does not provide all available dictionaries. For example, as I can see, the installer provides a mixed (i. e. with and without ё) Russian dictionary. But extensions will also allow you to install a ё-less one, a strict-with-ё one. And that’s not all. You can also install a pre-1917 orthography dictionary. Reason 2.

With extensions, you can have separate dictionary sets for different users in the same system. Reason 3.

Hopefully, your curiosity has been satisfied.

By the way, the link works fine for me (it just redirects). Closing the question.

Sorry I’m late to comment, but what is “MSI for Windows”? I just wanted to download a German spellcheck, and there was a link in libreoffice, which I thought would be for this (there was a tutorial on this I found).I know the website is up now, but as you said, the installer provides dictionaries. My question is, can I download these if I didn’t during install?
Thank you all for your time.

The MSI is the installer file that you (or someone else) used to install LibreOffice in your system.

You can run it again and change the installed components including languages.

Or you can download, yes, extensions.

In your original posting, no question was present, only a report about a broken link that turned to be functional (that’s why I have closed the thread). Ii is just a redirect link and if it does not work for you, check your setup or use this direct link.

Yes, the page works now (back then It didn’t, I was told it was due to Libreoffice changing their website). Thanks a lot.
If I run the installer again, will it be the same as reinstalling Libreoffice? That is always a very long process on my computer (I probably deleted the installer, because I didn’t need it, so I’d need to download Liibreoffice again). Is there any way to add these files later, after I’ve installed Libreoffice (maybe there are accessible elsewhere - I only need a basic German spellcheck)? I mean, without having to go through the full process of reinstalling. Again, thanks fo your help.

Yes, it will be a reinstallation. But you can get an extension from the page that you found. Like any extension, it is installed without requiring to reinstall LibreOffice.

No it is not a reinstallation. And normally you don’t need the original installer, because it was cached in a special directory on your system. You only need to use add/remove programs applet, and choose to modify LibreOffice. It will not uninstall then reinstall everything, it will only add what you chose to add.

Ok, what directory is it?

“directory”? you need your operating system facilities. Just google for how to add features to installed programs on Windows.

OK, I installed the German spellcheck successfully, but it does not correct anything (even after I set the language of the textt to German). I wrote some words with typos on purpose and it didin’t do anything, although the language of the text was set to German and there was a spellcheck icon in the menu (right click in the status bar on language of the text, then select more). With Microsoft Office it works very well…

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With Microsoft Office it works very well…

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