Can't enable hardware acceleration on Win10

So today I noticed there’s an option for hardware acceleration in Libreoffice. However, it’s grayed out for me and I cannot enable it. Searching online showed that having OpenCL enabled could cause this, but I do not. My laptop has a discrete graphics chip (nVidia GeForce 930MX).


Not OpenCL, it was OpenGL in earlier versions. LO 7 has Skia instead of OpenGL. If you have some rendering problems then turn off Skia but if not you could leave it

Skia/Vulcan render in LibreOffice 7 has problems with old Nvidia cards, and you should just enable “Force Skia software rendering” option in Tools-Option-LibreOffice-View dialog

Click this link to access an advisory page on NVIDIA hardware acceleration. Note the advice to use the NVIDIA control panel to adjust settings, and to update drivers. Also it says “NVIDIA acceleration does not support mobile graphics cards”, which may be a clue to why you can’t enable hardware acceleration.