Can't get Libre to install to another drive

I have tried to reinstall Libre on another drive because the main drive is full. I get a dialog box that says you can change the install drive but it won’t let me change.

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If you’re on Windows, it needs around 10% free space anyway, although I got away with 5% for a while.

This question from yesterday might help to know why LibreOffice needs some space on main drive, Cannot install LibreOffice to D: drive (Windows): Not enough disk space on C: drive

But I want the install on another drive.

Is there an error message? Or does it just turn away and ignore you?

Did you read the answer from
Mike Kagansky in the linked question?

You have some choices

  1. Ensure you have enough room on the main drive for the temporary installation cache while the program installs and for the fonts, etc afterwards. Make sure that you still have enough free space for the operating system requirements afterwards
  2. Put a portable version (Windows only) on another drive.
  3. Install a parallel version on another drive, Installing several versions of LibreOffice in parallel - The Document Foundation Wiki
  4. Replace your main drive with a larger one and clone old drive to the new one