Can't move an image to the bottom of the page after rotating it in writer

I am trying to position an image in a blank document as part of a greeting card. I cannot get the image to go as near the bottom of the page as I need. I am putting in a distance from the top, e.g. 4.25", but the program changes this to 4.00". How can I make this work?

Edit your question to explain how you inserted the image and how you position it (using the mouse or modifying numerically some of its properties?). Give details about what you do so that I can reproduce the steps and see what’s wrong. Don’t forget to mention OS name and LO version.

Don’t use an answer: it is reserved for solutions.

I used Insert Image, and then I rotated the image to the correct orientation. Then I right-click the image and select properties. I adjust the location using the position settings. The Horizontal seems to work fine, but the vertical does not. I put in 4.25" from Top of Page. The software sets this back to 4.00". I click on the image and get the cross arrow move symbol to drag it. I drag it down and it pops right back up. Anchor is set to Page.


Clicking on the image, menu Format - Image, Properties… - Type tab - Position subtitle: What values are in Vertical?

On the Vertical line there are 3 fields. The first I selected From Top, the second is the value that the software changes from 4.25 to 4.00, and the third I selected Entire Page. My image is 3.25" high and 4.5" wide. The document is 5.5" wide by 8.5" high.


What say in Wrap tab? And in Borders tab - Padding subtitle?

Wrap is Optimal. Border Padding is all zeros.

Try changing Wrap to Optimal.

Wrap is set to Optimal. I think this might be a result of my rotating the image. I rotated it 90 degrees to get the correct orientation. I noticed that without the rotation, the image is at the bottom of the page. Perhaps the software is not swapping the width and height when I do the rotation.

Excuse me. Thinked one thing and writed another: Try changing Wrap to Through.

Can you rotate a copy of the image prior to import it into Writer?

Changed Wrap to Through but no change.

I tried rotating prior to import, but the software knows it has been rotated and brings it in un-rotated.

OK. I took the photo into an editor and rotated it there and saved it. Then, when I import this one, it behaves properly. This is a work around for my issue, but I still think the software should behave differently.

This issue can be addressed by rotating the image in an editor and saving a copy before importing to the document.

Good work!

May be related to bug tdf#125594

You must rotate the image prior to import it.

Original dimensions remain in place despite to have rotated the image
(on LO x86, Windows 7 Professional, Thunderbird 68.8.1).

Bug 115934 - Bad position for rotated images

Maybe tdf#115934 and tdf#125594 should be merged: they both address bad positioning after rotation.