can't open access database in base


I am trying to open an .accdb file in base, however when I open the base database wizard and choose the “connect an existing database” radio button, Access is not listed as one of the options. I have seen several videos where “Access” is listed in the list box. I am currently using libreoffice 6.1, perhaps Access support was available in an older version and no longer supported? If so would I have to download an older version that does support it (if so which version?), covert the .accdb file into an .odf file and then work on it in my current version of base? Any insight would be much appreciated.



Hello @anthony718,

Since you have not provided which OS you are using (seems like Linux) here are two choices:

For Linux see my answer in this post → Importing MS Access tables into Base, No option works. Using Linux Mint. (and link within). Just re-tested this with LO v6.1.0.3 on Mint 18.3 and the link seems to be missing one step. After adding the Class Path, you need to enter a parameter. On same Advanced screen, select Parameter button and enter:


This line needs to be modified to provide your location (and version) of UCanAccess.

For Windows see my answer in this post → I got error “The connection to the data source “DB file name” could not be established.”. This has two possibilities (see links there).

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