Can't play videos with Impress on new computer

Greetings. I am having an issue with Impress ( running on Kubuntu 20.04 (KDE 5.18.5). My HDMI port on my laptop died so I purchased an HP Elite SFF with an 8 X Intel core i7-3770 CPU (3.4Ghz) and 16 GB mem. The issue I have is inserting music videos. I select insert “Audio or Video” and select the music video I want to use. It takes a second or two but instead of a “film” icon I get an audio file icon. When I play it, there is no video, just the music icon taking up the whole screen. I can hear the music play but no video whatsoever. It runs fine on my Rysen system, just not on the new PC. Any thoughts? I would appreciate any help. Thank you

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Could be a missing video codec on the new system.

if you are under linux, you might have to install a couple of gstream-plugins to get the full video codec support.

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I think, base, good, bad and ugly should cover most codec… but there migh be exception.

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Hope that helps.

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Thank you! That was precisely the problem. I had loaded codecs for gstreamer but apparently not the right ones. I definitely came to the right place for answers.
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