Can't update bug checkbox

2 weeks ago, I submitted bug tdf#147360 because of problems importing ms office word docs. I submitted the bug with the checkbox for resetting the user profile unchecked. I have since tried the importing with the user profile reset as per the instructions in Bugzilla. But I don’t see a way of checking the checkbox. The bug does not appear to have gotten any attention from anyone but me.

  1. How do I get that checkbox checked?
  2. Is there anything else that I need to do for that bug to get attention? I’ve tried more things to get the word files imported correctly, but nothing is helping. I’m just finding more problems.

Thank-you in advance for your help.

Been there, seen how badly they convert. I have a feeling that I saw some of those files before, but can’t find your earlier post.

  • You shouldn’t tag this as Writer, because it’s not about the suite, but about the bug tracker.
  • Re your 1. and 2.: I don’t know how you can improve the attractiveness of your report for bug hunters. Don’t hold your breath. Many bug reports get little attention, and even if they get attention, quite often nothing is done with it. There are too many reports and too few developers.
  • Now to the issue at hand. Those old versions of Word may no longer be maintained, but I suppose that they still work. Maybe you should use Word to convert all of those files to xhtml or PDF if you only need them for reference and don’t have plans to edit them. If you unplug that pc from the Internet while you are at it, you should be perfectly safe.
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Gave my 2 cents in the bug report.

I see. Thank-you. I hope that it results in action.