Chaining Impress Slideshows together?

I’m using Impress to display shows of artwork and photographs on both Windows and Linux systems. This is working great for me, esp for vertical aspect artwork where Impress allows me to display more than one image on a normal 16:9 screen.

However, after about 100 or so slides in a show, editing the show becomes cumbersome due to long save times and difficulty of organizing that many slides. For longer shows, say 200-500 or more slides, chaining a number of smaller slide shows together would be a better solution than putting this many slides in a single show. Having some external list or script of shows would be better than some means to chain shows together since this would making building lists of different shows easier. Having one or more “master” shows or scripts that link to a series of slide shows, one after the other would be ideal.

So. Is there a way within Impress, or LibreOffice, or in Windows and Linux batch language to do such scripting?

Ok, I have some of an answer, but there is still a problem.

So far I have this, for windows, and I’m sure that a linux solution can follow the same idea.
On windows make a master CMD file like this:

:: Just a test of a number of slide shows
echo Start the shows now
start /wait runshowone.cmd
echo Starting Show Two
start /wait runshowtwo.cmd
echo Starting Show Three
start /wait runshowthree.cmd
echo Last show and back to the beginning
goto start

Now for each slide show make another cmd file like this:

"C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\simpress.exe" -show ShowTestOne.odp

The help page just says use soffice -show, but that doesn’t work for windows 10 (1909) as far as I can tell. But this does launch a slideshow. So this page needs some work:
However, And here’s the remaining problem.


How lame. Anyway.

I cannot figure a way to have simpress.exe EXIT when the slide show finishes without CLICKING the mouse.
Clearly that will not work in my case.
Is there really no setting or “transition” to say EXIT IMPRESS WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH THE LAST SLIDE?
No way to add a script function to accomplish this?
I found this from last year and there is no solution in this that I see.

Looks like Kiosk applications are not possible with Impress? Seriously? What am I missing?

Thanks a bunch.

Oh. and by the way. Doesn’t this look overly complex to just chain together some slideshows? Seriously. There must be a better way. I thought this whole Libreoffice thing was built on a scripting language [Or is it like FOUR at this point: LibreOffice Basic, JavaScript, BeanShell and Python, … Can’t I just write this whole solution in my choice of those? Can’t find a start on the way tho after searching.
Thanks again.

"C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice" --show D:\Documents\slideshow.odp works just as well as using simpress.exe on Windows 10 1909.

Yes, there’s no way to disable the last “click to exit presentation” slide (see e.g. Hide the last slide). You are welcome to file an enhancement request to add that slideshow option with your use case.

Thanks, Mike. What about scripting solutions to this problem?

I find this about Listener Functions: CreateUnoListener Function

But I can’t seem to find the Impress version with slide show type events?
Also, I see mention of adding scripts to a Document i.e. slideshow in this case, but I don’t see where to add a script to the program itself - Globally. Of course, I guess I could add a script to a “Shell” presentation and control other presentations from that.

So are there script commands to start / stop slide shows? And events to sense the LastSlide or PresentationEnd? And might I use these to present a list of shows avoiding the “EndSlideClick” problem?

No scripting mavens out there?

This is tdf#87835.

I’ve built an OpenSource application that runs a set of slide shows and loops around endlessly.

Here’s a blog post describing the program with links to the sourceforge page and a youtube video showing the program working.

It runs on Windows 10. I’ll be moving it to Linux and then figuring out how to “Deploy” it on Windows so you don’t have to build it from Source.

Sure would be nice to just have this feature built into LibreOffice, but until then I have a solution.