Change default template in Writer (LibreOffice 4)

Libre Help says:
Choose File - Templates - Organize.
Right-click a text file in any of the two lists, choose Reset Default Template - Text Document.
Click Close.

but File - Templates - Organize does not exist in LibreOffice 4

Is there an alternative method that I cannot find?

• File → New → Templates

• Select the template

• Click on “Set as default”

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EDIT 2013-03-10

(in reply to @CSDorset’s comment)

Please try:

In Writer: File → New → Templates

Double-click on "My Templates"



Select a template

Click on "Set as default"

Close the “Template Manager”

Close and restart LibreOffice


See alsoBug 59427 - [Template Manager] low discoverability of new template manager - we could use “File → Organize templates” menu

Coming from 3.n, the 4.0 system seems a bit counter-intuitive. The only “folder” available to organize the templates is “MediaWiki” which you must use to save the template. Once saved, you can “move” it to a new folder, and “My Templates” is then offered. A bit confusing!

Thank you for this. It is actually possible to save a template directly into the My Templates folder. The problem is that I can find no way of selecting which of ‘My Templates’ is to be the default template (as we could in 3.n).

@manj_k – Thanks for another illustrated answer. This should help us answer another question :slight_smile: