Change numbering in a list

I’m using with linuxmint 19.3.
Placing the cursor after the >>> divisions in the attached file, clicking enter, then clicking the numbered list icon on the toolbar gives me a numbered paragraph starting with one.
Using either format, bullets and numbering, customize position or the numbering toolbar at the bottom of the page does not change the list number from one.
How do I change the next list entry to 13?

A quick trick. First, put the cursor at the end of line 12 and press Enter, now use the following keyboard shortcut to move the line 13 bellow the division line: Ctrl Alt .

Thanks, but no go. Ctrl,Alt down arrow brings up open apps on linuxmint 19.3. Didn’t know that! The only way I can get to 13 is to click enter immediately after 12 and then cut and paste it paste my dividing line marker: >>>>>

With the cursor in the “faulty” list item, right-click and Continue previous numbering.

Sometimes Restart numbering keeps its checkmark and list item number remains at 1. In this case, choose first Restart numbering to toggle the check mark.

Nota: your document is very badly formatted as it uses only paragraph style Default Style with heavy direct formatting. If the document is meant to have some extended life time, you are advised to structure and format it with styles.

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Thanks. It works. Strange though that format, bullets and numbering, customize does not work. I’ll do some reading on styles. Especially if it helps interoperability with ms word. Can’t upvote. I get a box saying I need 5 points. Thanks again.

Remember that toolbar buttons are only quick’n’dirty substitutes for real formatting through styles. You can’t do everything with them.

As for M$ Word compatibility, don’t expect too much. LO and M$ Office are based on different concepts and LO has pushed the notion of styles very far (for user benefit IMHO), e.g. character styles, which are very important for document consistency and ease of maintenance, do not exist in Word (equivalent effect is obtained with direct formatting which creates a maintenance nightmare). For “polished” documents, styles, and especially character styles, is the right way to go.

I added some styles to your paper, according to @ajlittoz’ proposals (I hope, he’s satisfied with my improvements).

When browsing your altered file check paragraph styles:

  • Text Body
  • Text Body Indent
  • Numbering 1 (connected with Numbering 123 / Outline List Style)

For better understanding read:


• Never mark text and format it manually!

• Every type of paragraph needs its own separate Style!

• Never use the same style for different purposes!



@Grantler: good start, but there are still Default Style paragraph, e.g. the first title which should be Heading 1 or something like. That leaves room for OP to learn and work.

Your conclusion is a golden rule!

Thanks for this. Had no idea styles were applied this way. Thank you for your amended document.