Changing language issue

I’ll try to be more clear. Having used the English spellchecker I can’t change to my native Swedish checker. So the menus can remain in English, I just need the spellchecker to work in Swedish but it doesn’t.

When attempting to select Swedish through TOOLS/LANGUAGE for SELECTION, PARAGRAPH or ALL TEXT, it doesn’t spellcheck at all. English and other spellcheckers work fine,

I’ve tried Reinstalling Libre Office, specifically selecting Swedish and installing plug-in dictionaries, but nothing helps.

In the TOOLS/OPTIONS/LANGUAGE/WRITING AIDS/EDIT Swedish is selectable in the drop down menu, but it changes back to english when closing the EDIT MODULES window.

Frustrating, help much appreciated.

Is this question only about how to spell check in Swedish, or also about wanting the menus etc in Swedish? Please clearly state what is desired.

In addition to @JimK’s comment, is this a matter of alternating between paragraphs (or portions of -) in English and Swedish?

  1. Read this tutorial and this troubleshooting guide.
  2. Read these guidelines and ask a good question.

Make sure that the dictionary for Swedish is installed. LibreOffice lists a lot of languages, but that a language appears in the list doesn’t mean that its dictionary was installed. If there’s nothing like a green or blue checkmark to its left, the dictionary is missing. If so, rerun the install program, select custom install, then select all languages that you want dictionaries for.

Reinstalling is overkill. One can simply install or delete respective extensions from here or from here.