Chapter Numbering in a RTL language

I’m using libreoffice and i found a weird behavior(maybe a bug) in Chapter Numbering:
In a right-to-left document (like in persian/farsi or arabic) the order of Headings level are still left-to-right.
I’m not sure if i make a sense here, but for example while i’m expecting this order:


I get this:


But of course my fonts are set in persian and my paragraphs are right justified.
As a workaround i’ve found in Chapter Numbering dialog if i choose Number type for first level something like native or arabic and for the second level farsi and so on (choosing like this alternatively), the numbering goes well!
image description
So i want to know if this is a bug or i’m doing it wrong?

This been driving me crazy for a few days now with my graduation report, i needed the numbering to go rtl because im writing in arabic but despite the entire document being in arabic and layout is rtl, i can’t get the chapter numbering to flip rtl and i need to use English numbering (1,2,3…) and not arabic letters (أ,ب,ت …) so that workaround is not an option for me would appreciate any suggestion or tips on this.

Please upload example ODT. I didn’t discover how to create the reverse order in the numbering; I see the correct numbering in my laptop although I try to change RTL in the Heading Styles etc.
Libre Win10x64

On the Paragraph style dialog box, select the Alignment tab, then in Text direction (bottom), select Right to left (RTL).

Edit after @ajlittoz’s post : the order of the numbering is still left to right. I’d say that’s a bug.

Added sample file with numbers over 10 left to right.

hebrew numbering.odt (17,2 KB)

Sends the number to the script-logical start of line (i.e. to the right for Arabic/Farsi and the like) but doesn’t reverse the level order in the numbering. I still get 1, 1.1, 1.2 instead of 1., 1.1, 2.1 if this is the expected result. Should the level order be reversed in RTL languages? AFAIK, number “one hundred fifty seven” is written 157 both in Latin languages and in Arabic but may be read differently.

Sorry for bringing this up. You’re right about number order, and 157 is read and written in the same way in both English and Persian, or Arabic. But the conventions on how to write reports and how to index headings, is that the order is from right to left, like the text. So yeah, it should be reversed.
But I think being able to change it regardless of the direction of the text and the language is a nice addition.
It’s not a bug (in my opinion at least), should we create a feature request somewhere?