Chapter Numbering Setting

This document is an example of the issue:
HeadingsIssue.odt (18.4 KB)

Why is Header 4 different from Header 1, 2, and 3? When I right click on “Header 4” and navigate the popup menu to “List => Bullets & Numbering => Customize (top tab)” I do not see anything different in this level 4 than I see for the other lower numbered levels. My desire is the chapter, and subchapter, numbering appear the same as for Header 1, 2, and 3. I have not been able to make it so.

Check Tools - Chapter numbering. For level 4, you didn’t set the paragraph style to Heading 4. I can’t figure out how you got the #s there, or the indentations. There is something wrong with your document. I fixed that by clearing the formatting of the headings and applying Heading 1 etc. again.

By the way: a header sits at the top of the page, what you call a header is normally called a heading.

A common error is to believe that chapter numbering is the same as list numbering. Though the basic mechanism is the same, many things happen behind the scene to create an outline and a TOC.

In your attempts to twist your numbering, you created an awful mess and caused confusion in Writer with a conflict between chapter and list numbering.

The Heading n family is associated by Tools>Chapter Numbering with a reserved numbering style. You overlaid it with direct formatting and now you have two numbering active on Heading 1 to 3.

Heading 4 is different. Among your attempts, you removed Heading 4 from the Tools>Chapter Numbering hierarchy, leaving only the list numbering you added with direct formatting. In addition, you changed the font face in paragraph style Heading 4.

You have damaged your style dictionary beyond your purpose. Since you probably don’t know what you’ve done, I suggest you restart from a fresh blank document and paste your old text as Unformatted text. Then apply the desired styles, notably the Heading n family to your outline. When done, customise Tools>Chapter Numbering to get your expected numbering.

Golden rule: never mix list and chapter numbering. They look the same but are two different logical features.