Characters in LO writer overlap one another

the characters in LO writer overlap one another. Also, the indicated font size is not accurate. How do I correct the overlap and character sizes (for Times New Roman 12?


I had to make a new file. This one is “Happy Birthday to You” in Liberation Serif.

Could it be OpenGL issue? Disable OpenGL rendering in Tools → Options… → LibreOffice → View and see if that solves the problem.

To get accurate and relevant answers, edit your question (don’t use an answer which is reserved for solutions) to mention your OS and LO version.

Since the toolbar pretends your text is Liberation Serif, is this font installed on your computer?

The os is Lubuntu 20.24 and the libreoffice version is The same problem appears both in Liberation Serif and also in Times New Roman (which is definitely installed.) The problem is greater than fonts.

Screenshots are fine for pre-diagnostic but don’t help much for detailed analysis. Edit your question to attach the file corresponding to the screenshot above (you can’t attach files to comments). If it displays correctly on my computer, we can definitely rule out a font Times New Roman is a common Windows font not installed on my Linux box.

Attached file is fine for me. Version: (x86), Build ID: 2196df99b074d8a661f4036fca8fa0cbfa33a497; Windows 6.1

Displays fine: LO, Fedora Linux 32 kernel 5.6.16 KDE Desktop

Well if the file is legible across platforms then there is something wrong with my copy of LO (on ubuntu linux). Thank you for all your help.

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Actually I solved this problem by re-installing libreoffice-writer and libreoffice-calc separately (the two programs I use most often). There were some problems with java dependencies, but i was able to find and fix them. Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Same as my situation. But I use Chinese characters. And your file is not legible in my PC.


OS: 6.5.2-arch1-1
LO: LibreOffice 60(Build:2)

Unbelievable. In my another PC, it work normally.

OS: 6.5.2
LO: 7.5.14 (Build: 2)

This is not at all any solution to the initial problem. Please, either repost as a comment or ask a new question with a link to this one.

If it works on your other PC, it is then definitely a matter of installed font (or substitution). I can’t recognise the UI on your screenshot. Is it from the PC under Arch Linux? If so, which desktop have you installed? KDE, GNOME, MATE, Xfce, LxQt, …?

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In two machine, I use same DEs. On one machine I use archlinux, on another machine I use NixOS. The difference I can find seem that they use different JRE to build. NixOS is jre17, Archlinux use jre11.