Chart on a separate sheet.

Will there ever be an option to put the chart on a separate sheet in the chart wizard? Moving charts using the shortcuts ctrl+x/ctrl+v is cumbersome and not very intuitive. Otherwise, I would like to be able to decide where the charts should be placed while creating a chart. Current approach creates another problem with printing charts. Again, this solution is inefficient because each graph must be selected separately and the scaling must be set manually.

Please take a minute and read this Introduction - Feature Request and what it states about where Feature Requests should go to.

Try it:

  • Do NOT select the Chart data range, but activate the ANOTHER sheet.
  • Click on a cell on the sheet where you want to put the chart to.
  • Click on the Chart icon of the toolbar.
  • Select the chart type, then NEXT.
  • Click on the Icon near the Data Range edit box, and “Select data range” on the relevant sheet.
  • Complete the rest of the settings.
  • Done

Thanks a lot. This way is much better than cutting and pasting to another sheet. However, it would be nice if such an option appeared in the chart wizzard.

What does “activate the ANOTHER sheet” mean? What is the ANOTHER sheet?

The tabs (generally) at the bottom of the spreadsheet (Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.)

The sheet where you want to put the chart to.

Ah, I see. What you’re saying is ‘add a new sheet where you want to put your chart’, if it doesn’t already exist. And it appears the rest of the instructions just create a new chart on this sheet.

I misunderstood. I was searching for how to move an EXISTING chart to a new sheet.

I agree with what JanKos said: