Charting two sets of data with time on the x-axis

I have two sets of data each is a time and a value. The range of times for the two sets overlaps but the time points in each set are different. I want to plot the values on a time scale to compare them. So to be clear I have
a timestamp in col. A and a value in col. B a timestamp in col. C and a value in col. D.

I’d like to plot two lines for col.s B and D with the x axis being the time scale in the columns A and C.

Any hints on how this can be done? I effectively want my x-axis to be a merge of of the col. A and C values.

Oops…answer did not work…deleted.

Yeah, I tried it and it didn’t seem to work. Pity.

Thanks for trying though. Appreciate the effort.

Really, it couldn’t have worked. Long day. :unamused:

How dynamic does this have to be? Are you wanting to create a couple charts like this for the annual report, or do you want to reflect changes from the datasets immediately?

If it’s the annual report sort of thing, you can copy the charting area of the chart itself then paste that onto another chart as a “glass” layer. That means having all the data set up, setting the axis ranges on both charts the same, removing the ticks and numbers for the axes on one of the charts, then copying the charting area (box formed partly by the axes) and pasting it onto the other chart. That I tried and it “worked,” because, given the ability to copy and paste the charting area, how could it not.

But you probably have done all that already.

Try to reduce the timestamp data into a “time difference” data set based on two base datetime (timestamp value) in a helper cell range. The base datetime (relative zero timedate value) will be the Start datetime of each datasets.
Are your datetime values numeric values or are thy only some textual datetime-like strings?

Then you will able to draw the two dataset on one X axis.

Can you upload an ODF type sample file here?

Can you upload an ODF type sample file here?


example.ods (109.0 KB)

Mingle(?) columns A and C.