Check Spelling Automatically in LO

I have invoked Tools->Check Spelling Automatically and also toggled SHT-F7 but no wavy lines (including in new docs after iterations of toggling as above).

What am I missing?


See if that helps: [Troubleshooting] Spell check in OpenOffice.

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There wasn’t a blue check, but I have no idea what and where to find: “Make sure you have closed OOo, the Quickstarter (OOo icon in system tray) and restarted OOo.”

The very fuzzy screen-shot also does not correspond to what I see (LO7.0)

The fuzzy images are not fuzzy anymore when you click them.

The quickstarter is an AOO thing, not applicable anymore for LO I think.

If you don’t see the check mark, that means that the dictionary is not installed. What OS? If GNU/Linux, you often have to install it from the package manager.

Click on the screenshots to see sharper versions.

A side note: the quickstarter is reinstated at least in for Windows.

Windows 10 OS
Spelling had been working fine

LO uses its own spelling system.

Was responding to your: “What OS? If GNU/Linux, you often have to install it from the package manager.”

So do I need to reinstall something? From where (hopefully on a site). TIA

It depends. Have you checked the tutorial linked in my answer?

You can also try to reset your LibreOffice user profile (rename it). Usually it is a good bet. Especially if you want an English dictionary, it is installed by default. If it is another language, you may have to reinstall the dictionary extension.

Your tutorial wound up at a dead-end: No ABC Blue Check mark next to English (USA) and couldn’t figure out “Make sure you have closed OOo, the Quickstarter (OOo icon in system tray) and restarted OOo.” as I indicated earlier.

I will go through the wiki article you sent. Being just an ordinary end-user, this is quite frustrating :smirk:

Before modifying your user profile, create a backup so you can return to the old user profile." – it would be so helpful to include a link as to how to back up one’s user profile

Looked some more on ho to save a backup and looks like I have to operate at the DOS prompt level. Fired some very old synapses but still can’t get to the right directory, Not sure how to rename when I do.

Is there and HELP for simple folks who are not programmers to figure out how I can get the Blue ABC checkmark next to the dictionary??? TIA

If there is no check mark, then it means that you may not have the correct dictionary extension at all! It’s the first screenshot.

To reset a profile, there is a link explaining that also (both in my comment above and in the troubleshooting tutorial). If you missed it, here it is again: reset your LibreOffice user profile (rename it).

So I followed your link, hunted around how to make a backup. thought I found the answer tried:
The system cannot find the path specified.

I think help is meant for developers/programmers, not mere mortals.

Ready to give up. Maybe uninstall and reinstall Libre Office?

Why are you complicating things???
There is special formatting to show what is to be copied and pasted. There is even a step by step instruction saying how to access it. There is NO need of any terminal at all. Just follow the instructions. See especially this section.

Reinstalling will hardly change anything if the problem lies with the profile.

With all due respect, to you it may seem I may be complicating something simple. Not to me.
after much effort I was able to find in Explorer: C:\Users\JAY\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user
However, there is no folder called profile that I thought I need to copy (or is it the final ‘user’ I need to rename?

Then it looks like there a folder called ‘wordbook’ which contains a DIC file called standard.dic which was last modified on 3/15 and is (only) 1KB

Is this relevant?

The relevant point is that you have to RENAME the folder user as stated in the various tutorials and relaunch LO to see if it’s OK or not. It has never been said that the profile was a folder called profile because it is actually called user. That’s the point of the whole tutorial.

I’m still not confident that I have the technical background to follow your tutorials, but I have started over.

I would ask your patience – I have devoted many hours to this.

In your tutorial [Troubleshooting] Spell check in OpenOffice (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum I cannot get past Step two.

Attached is a file with all the screen shots.Spell Checker.docx

Try this tutorial in the FAQ.