Click push button with enter key?

OS Mojave 10.14.6, LO

I’ve just started learning about macros using form controls, and whilst I’ve managed to get a push button to trigger a macro upon mouse click, I am wondering if I can select and click a push button to run a macro using the keyboard alone?

I’d like to be able to navigate a grid of cells (see attached document) using the arrow keys, navigating to a push button/Similar using this method, then clicking the push button using the Enter/another key, essentially enabling me to do everything with just the keyboard- no mouse needed.

In the attached file I’ve set up a few macros to clear the numbers in the three rows of each column defined by the black grid lines, above are push buttons. As stated I’d like to navigate to these using the arrow keys, then click each to trigger each macro (which clears the numbers in the column below it) using the enter key.
I’ve set the first button (“clear column A”) to trigger a macro to clear the column below it upon mouse click, and this is working just fine.
The trouble I’m having is that when I try to navigate to a push button using arrow keys and “click” it using enter/other, I end up entering text in the cell behind it, rather than pushing the button… perhaps another method is required to achieve my aim?


Select push button with keyboard example.ods

The file return follows, changed according to @anon73440385 and reduction of macros.

Use the mouse only on the first button, the others use TAB and Enter to trigger.


have you ever tried TAB key? Using that key, moves from one button to the other and you should be able to activate any macro using ENTER - See also following settings in Control Properties - which determine

  • whether a button should be activated on TAB
  • in which order they are activated in (assigning a number here defines its rank in the activation order)

Hope that helps.