Color picker eyedropper?

Hi, how do I pick a color from an existing image using the color picker popup? There doesn’t seem to be any eyedropper to choose the exact color already in an image given to me. I found a help saying to go to Format - Area - Color and then choose color, but there is no eye dropper… I have no idea how to get the exact color from the image given to me in Libre Office, it was such an easy thing in other apps I have used.



Hello Pamc,
Unfortunately it appears that LibreOffice does not yet present an eyedropper button for in the toolbar, even though the eyedropper functionality is already present in LibreOffice. There is a way to do it, if you really want it … but in my opinion it would be better to install an external eyedropper program and examine your color pixels from there…

Here it goes:

1) Open LibreOffice Draw,
2) Select the menu "Tools : Color Replacer",
3) in the dialog that pops up, click on the small "Pipette" (eyedropper) button,
4) Move the mouse pointer to the pixel that you want to examine, and click to select it,
5) Back in the Color Replacer dialog,  click on the first of the 4 "Source Color" boxes, and press the <SPACE> key.
6) There in the ColorPicker dialog that pops up, you can read out the color values of the pixel that you clicked.

( BTW, the 4 “Source Color” boxes are not working properly. )

It’s tdf#93813

  1. Nothing seems to happen when I select/deselect the eyedropper button
  2. Even with the eyedropper button selected, clicking something just ‘clicks’ it instead of getting the color from it.

I have Ubuntu Linux OS. I use a program called “gpick.” Much better than anything you will find in LibreOffice, colors are spot-on. Using a solution like gpick allows you to pick colors anywhere in your screen, even if it is not within the program (Impress or Draw, for example) that you are working in.

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Thank you Larry!
I’m also a Ubuntu-Linux user at 20.04 LTS, presently.
I use LibreOffice, daily between Writer & Calc.
In both cases I need an eyedropper to get the color by the number or title as in “Blue 5”, etc.