Comparing stock lists


We receive stock lists from our suppliers on a daily basis with thousands of products on. It shows us the quantity of the items remaining, however if we were to filter by low stock (for example 5 and under) we would still end up with hundreds of products that we would be looking at day in day out. Is there a way to let us see which items were on 10 yesterday but are now on 0 without showing all the ones that were on 0 the previous day? For example

Stock item A - Day 1 quantity 20, Day 2 quantity 0 - flag up on the stocklist somehow 
Stock item B - Day 1 quantity 0, Day 2 quantity 0 - don't flag up as previously dealt with

I tried the “compare document” option under edit but couldn’t quite get this to work.

Thanks in advance.

Given data in two different sheets, column A being the list of items, column B being the quantity, from row 2 to 201, and previous list in “Yesterday” sheet.


See sample file.

More LibreOffice Help on function IF, AND, and VLOOKUP.

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