Configure printing envelope

I found out about retiring Chrome the hard way. I was attempting to print envelopes and discovered that Chrome was being retired, I also had a new app installed on my system Webex that I uninstalled as soon as I discovered my printing configuration to print envelopes was suddenly compromised as in I cannot reset or overwrite the configuration so I could print envelopes, i.e., #10 envelopes. I need to know how to reset the configuration for printing envelopes will be correct for printing any size or style of the envelope…

Please see attached file for an illustration of the problem…

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I hope ths can help:

[Envelope in Writer](

I tend to use a separate template for envelopes. Here is a #10 envelope I did for question Want to print #10 envelope

Here is a description of how you can create and print envelopes:

Envelope in Writer