Want to print #10 envelopes

This is making me crazy. I need to print envelopes for my home business. I’ve been using Dazzle Envelope Manager from 2002! It’s OLD!

So I’m TRYING to figure out how to do this in Libre now, but it’s wasting time and I cant get it working.

Open a new page CTRL+N. Format | Page Style . In window that opens click on Page tab. Change Format to #10 Envelope, Orientation to Landscape, and set all margins to 10mm or half inch

In the menu click Insert | Frame | Frame Interactively. Draw a frame for your return address and enter your address, reduce the font to 8 points and italicise. Insert another frame in the middle of the page for the recipient address. Enter a few letters, use a non serif font like Liberation Sans or Arial, set this to 11 or 12 points and try a line spacing of 1.15 lines = machine readable.

In menu click File | Printer Settings… In window choose the printer. Click Properties and set paper size to #10 orientation to Landscape. OK out

Click File | Save As . Choose a name 10Envelope, and as type ODF template (*.ott), select a folder and save. Delete text in address box, Save, Close.

Double-click file to create new envelope.

Use mail merge to add fields if needed

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Hi Earnest,
I followed your instructions and I still cannot print out correctly. On a plane sheet of paper, the orientation is correct, but text is not aligned with the envelope feeder on my mfc885cw, text is printed in upper left corner and to the right. I have to say this is the #1 issue I have had using LIbre Writer. Its maddening.

This is idiotic. I’ve been a writer for 30 years and never had to think twice about printing an envelope. You guys need to fix the bug pronto!

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Who guys? I am a user, just like you, except I do think about what I do.

If you have question, please create your own question.

Great job, Earnest. Thanks very much.

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Hi @Couch_Potato I have to say the manual for your printer is a bit unclear on which orientation to load the envelopes. Having said that they are centred in the paper tray so should not print with an offset. You need a margin of 12 mm (half inch) at the left and 24 mm (one inch) at the right. If you are using A4 paper then DL envelope is normal, for Letter then No 10 envelope. I need to re-iterate the bit about “In menu click File | Printer Settings… In window choose the printer. Click Properties and set paper size to #10 (DL if using DL), orientation to Landscape. OK out” as you will need to set up your printer for the template.

I have a template I use, so here it is in DL and in #10: DL_Envelope.ott & No10_Envelope.ott

With the template above downloaded and open

  1. Set up the printer. In the menu click File | Printer Settings, in the window that opens, select your printer from the drop down box and click Properties. The printer dialog will open, select the envelope size in the paper size settings, so #10, COM-10 or similar name (DL for the DL template) and probably select Landscape and also the printer Tray if needed (you might need to check with your printer manual for these settings). OK Out
  2. Add it your Templates folder, File | Templates | Save as Template.... In the dialog window that opens Write a name, e.g. EnvelopeNo10_Personal (or DL instead of 10), and select a category, e.g. Personal…, or My Templates.

To use the template in the menu click File | New | Templates (Ctrl+Shift+N). A new window will open, in the box at the top right where it says All Categories select the category you saved it under, in the picture Personal Correspondence and Documents and double-click on EnvelopeNo10_Personal

Note that you can instead use Insert | Envelope but the appearance isn’t ideal, it breaks easily and I have not gone further trying it out.

BTW Earnest isn’t my name; just a character defect. Cheers, Al

Sorry Al,
I think that my printer does not have a setting to print #10 envelopes. I’m considering that the only way to print a #10 envelope is to set up a 8.5" x 11.0" sheet with the pertinent fields oriented in the center of the page printed out landscape. I will however continuing investigating. is it possible to edit an odt file directly?

Hi. From your manual it looks as if they have named a #10 envelope as COM-10 [105 × 241 mm (4 1/8 × 9 1/2 in.)]. Select COM-10 in Printer Settings. BTW you can just delete the airmail frame if it isn’t airmail.

An ODT file contains XML data and can be directly edited, I wouldn’t do it.

This all looks so complicated. Dazzle prints the envelopes correctly, from the back envelope feeder of the printer. But I’d need a template that would be available in the top menu, so I didn’t have to set the whole thing up for every one that I print.

Hi MamaBear2018. Your comment isn’t an answer, can you please copy it to a comment and delete this. I have edited my answer to address your concern. Once a template is set up it is easy to use and retains its printer settings and layout