Connection via jdbc to hsqldb server can't find lockfile

Problem: newest 6er and latest 5er version of LO can’t connect to running HSQLDB server b/o “lockfile not found”.

Server is up and running at “//localhost:9001/begehungen”, I can connect to it with the same credentials by Netbeans, by DBeaver, display and edit everything, but not by LO5 nor LO6 :frowning:
System is running Win 10, on 64bit, German localization. LO was 5(latest) and now is 6.0.2 (latest) but makes no difference.
Java is enabled under options, actual version is 1.8.0_131 Java Hotspot 64bit-Server. Path is set in LO to the driver (the original inside the HSQLDB-jar-file) and checked as loaded by LO (edit-database-connection, Test Driver class).
(Btw.: LO doesn’t incorporate/list/remember these settings under Options - Connection pools/known drivers. Why?)

Always the same error occurs:

“SQL-Status: S1000
Fehlercode: -451
Database lock acquisition failure: lockFile: org.hsqldb.persist.LockFile@a709a0ac[file =\\begehungen.lck, exists=false, locked=false, valid=false, ] method: openRAF reason: \\begehungen.lck (Der Netzwerkpfad wurde nicht gefunden)”

…again: Server is up, running idle, no other connections, easy to connect to with Netbeans or Dbeaver!
Anyone having any ideas whats going on?
Thanks to all, any help will be appreciated!



It is difficult to pinpoint the cause of your problem because many items are missing.

Attached is a document with a tested procedure for access to an HSQLDB localhost server. Much of this information is taken from the HSQLDB documentation.

HSQLDB Server Setup.odt

Basically you need to start the server with at least basic information and with JDBC (ODBC works also) and the Base file set correctly, you should be able to connect to the server.


Another note. You state you have set the class path. By doing this you have eliminated further use of any embedded DB’s. If an embedded DB Base file is opened it will be damaged and non-usable on subsequent re-opening. See document to eliminate the by changing the actual .odb file for multi-access.

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Dear Ratslinger
thank you for your immediate reply. Unfortunately I have the start/stop scripts, the server is up and running, I can connect to it with any other tools than LO base…
I have the HSQL handbook and followed it literally.
LO6 has the path set and is reporting for testing the JDBC Driver class “ok and loaded” - and yes, I stumbled into that boobytrap with setting the path first and later on creating local db’s that I could not open :), thanks for the hint
Greetings from Germany!

Thanks a lot!! Finally I got it working, I just run LO as admin while configuring the Java Environment. I got suspicious b/o a certain lag in displaying the Java Environment, like seeking for the VMs, so it seems, LO is searching this every time I tried to configure the database connection. Now it starts immediately with the correct Java settings…
Thank you again and best regards