Connector lines not straight

I’m new to LibreOffice in Windows 10 Pro. I used Visio until now and I try to learn Draw. I opened a vsdx in Draw, I removed the Visio connectors and I tried to reproduce them.
I have two boxes close to each other and the one below the other. I clicked the connector, I started from the first glue point and I finished with the second. The vertical connector that was produced was not totally vertical and straight.
I tried to fix it by zooming in and using the square handler of the connector, but I didn’t succeed.
So, I want to ask you, when you want a connector line straight vertical, and it’s not, then how can you fix it?
Thank you

Select the two objects you have connected.
Right-click on them and choose Align Objects from the context menu.
Choose Centred.

See also:

Create a diagram

You can also upload a sample file here for someone to look at and examine,

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Yes, it worked. Bravo. I didn’t even think that this could be a solution.
Thank you

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