Contents - Heading alignment

I’m using 2 columns for efficient use of space, but this means that some headings don’t fit on 1 line.

Whenever my heading doesn’t fit on a single line, the text of that line moves right so that it is mis-aligned compared to headings that do fit on 1 line.


Can you upload a sample document, so we can see what you mean exactly? (A real document please, not a screenshot.) I’m playing with a two-columns TOC with entries that don’t fit on a single line and can’t reproduce what you describe. Well, maybe your text is formatted as justified. If it is, headings that fit on a single line, will be normally spaced, but headings that don’t fit, will wrap, and the spacing will be modified to fill the first line - making the spaces wider, so the text seems to move to the right.

It is not clear in your description which lines have “moved right” and how? Indented, indented first line?

If your Heading is direct formatted and set to have a hanging indent and you have ticked the box labelled Automatic then the first line of your paragraph text will include that direct formatting and be indented also.

In the image below, I have set the heading to have a 2.70ch (10mm, 3/8") indent with first line having an equal but negative indent (hanging indent). The Automatic box is ticked so it seems the following paragraph text is indented a further 2.70ch.

DirectFormattedHeading82338.odt (32.1 KB)

You can fix the problem I created by selecting the heading and the following paragraph and clicking Format > Clear Direct Formatting (Ctrl+M).

Clearing direct formatting might fix your document; it always makes document management easier if there is no direct formatting anywhere.

Thanks but I’ve found the problem. I’d got the contents as ‘justified’, so the space between the Heading number and heading stretched when there was space on the line.

Solved, but thank you for suggestions.

I didn’t get that far down the comments before I found the problem.

Then you didn’t configure adequately Tools>Chapter Numbering where you can request a tab to follow the number. With ad hoc setting of indent in Heading n (the intended paragraph style family for headings), your problem doesn’t occur.

I was using a tab- see attached.

I can’t reproduce the misbehaviour. Would you please upload a sample file for analysis?

And now I can’t either !! I must have made format changes and the latest Contents update appears OK.