Copy a snipped image to Libre writer doc

I have looked through some answered Q’s on how to copy an image file to writer and have successfully done it with the following: “Copy/paste to doc, right click image icon in top left, click properties, click image, click add/import click wanted image and OK”
Is there a simpler way ie drag/drop?
W10 and Libre office x 64

I don’t use the Snipping tool as I found it awkward and Defender blocks it, apparently by default.
You can press Print Screen button to copy screen, or Alt+Print Screen to screenshot current window.

If you are are using snipping tool or other tool, you are best to save image to file and then either Insert > Image or just drag from File Explorer onto the page. Either way the image is not converted to another format.

What doesn’t work if you drag/drop? Is there a respective bug report yet with an attachment showing the problem?

Thank you for the reply. If I snip an image to file (desktop) and either drag and drop, copy/paste or use the insert image command all I get is as shown here and consequently I have to do it as in my first post.
Untitled 1.odt (40.6 KB)

What is missing in the document? There is an image there.

[Edit] Have you got View > Images and Charts ticked/selected?

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EarnestAI, that fixed it (checking images and charts). I feel like a dill but I am still learning about Libre.
Thanks once again